Privacy Policy & Disclaimer

OPERS is committed to responsible information handling practices. When you access or use the OPERS Web site, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined below. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not use this site. Since we may change our Internet Privacy Policy from time to time, your use of this site will be subject to the most current policy version. Therefore, you may want to check the policy from time to time.

OPERS has a responsibility to protect its computing resources. If we believe an attempt is being made through the Internet to break into or otherwise abuse our computer systems or business information, we will use the information in our computer logs, and other means available, to determine those responsible. As part of these legal efforts, we may share the information we gather with law enforcement agencies or other authorized entities.

OPERS employees are trained professionals who take your security concerns seriously. Your data will only be used for business purposes to the extent necessary to fulfill your needs. OPERS constantly reviews its computer security practices and logs, making changes as needed to ensure your data is always appropriately protected. Accordingly, all sites at WWW.OPERS.ORG use 128-bit SSL on all of our Web pages to ensure confidentiality of your information.

Terms & Conditions

Collection of Personal Information

If you are submitting a message to OPERS that requires a response, you may need to provide some specific, personal information. This information can include your full name, Social Security number, or your home address. Please do not send any confidential in a regular e-mail; instead, use the "Message Center" available for encrypted message transmission on the OPERS Web site or call OPERS at 1-800-222-PERS (7377). To utilize the "Message Center" you must establish a personal account through your Online Account.


The OPERS Web site uses electronic "cookies" to collect and temporarily store various types of information about users. The information from cookies is used to monitor Web site traffic patters, collect aggregate, anonymous data about Web site use, etc. This information helps OPERS improve our site and provide better service.

Our interactive programs use cookies to track the information you input into the program. The cookie allows the programs to operate correctly and know where to return the "results."

These "cookies" do not contain confidential or personally identifiable information that other sites or persons can use in any way.


The OPERS Web site and computer systems are for legal and authorized use only. Unauthorized access, attempted access, or use of this or any related system is a violation of state and/or applicable federal law, and may be subject to prosecution. All activity on the OPERS systems are subject to having their activities on the site monitored and recorded by authorized support security personnel, at the discretion of OPERS management.

Solicitation by OPERS

Phishing attacks are a means used by hackers pretending to be OPERS or another authorized entity in an effort for you to disclose your Social Security number, password or other confidential information. OPERS will never solicit this kind of information from you via e-mail, or by phone calls not initiated by you.

OPERS recommends that you never provide the following information to anyone via e-mail or when receiving an unsolicited phone call:

If in doubt about an e-mail or unsolicited phone call coming from OPERS, please call us at 1-800-222-PERS (7377).


The information OPERS provides on our Web site is made available for the convenient access of our members and other interested parties. While OPERS makes every attempt to ensure the information provided is reliable, human or mechanical error remains a possibility. Therefore, OPERS does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, or correct sequencing of information, and will not be held responsible for any errors or omissions, or for the use of, or results obtained from the use of the information. This applies to sites hyperlinked to and from the OPERS Web site. In addition, OPERS can make no claims of accuracy or integrity of third party Web sites even if OPERS Web pages contain a link to their Web sites.

Financial Aggregator Disclaimer

There are a number of websites offering a service that enables you to view, access, and manage your personal financial accounts across thousands of institutions and service providers with one password. This collection and viewing of data from a single source is known as account aggregation.

For an account aggregator to consolidate your OPERS account information with other outside sources, they require you to give them your OPERS user ID and the password which you use to access your online account. They will use this information to access OPERS systems and collect your PERS account data on your behalf. Please be aware that OPERS does not have a relationship with any third party provider of account aggregation services and does not endorse any provider of aggregation services. When you use an account aggregator, you are not using OPERS services to access your account details, and as such we cannot guarantee the security and privacy of any confidential information which you provide to those service providers, nor can OPERS take responsibility for unauthorized transactions that may arise as a result of you disclosing your user ID and password to other parties.

Prior to enrolling in any such service we recommend that you carefully read their privacy policy and any disclosures related to that service. If you are concerned about how an account aggregator might be using your password, you have the ability to change your password at any time in your online account.

Note: Last Revised: January 2015