Member-Directed Plan Educational Resources for the Member-Directed Plan

We offer a number of tools and resources to help you to take an active role and stay educated throughout your career so you can be prepared for retirement.

Our recorded presentations are updated regularly and tailored to your specific needs throughout your career.

Looking for more information on a specific topic? Then check out our informational leaflet series or comprehensive Member Handbook, all available in the Member Library.

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Interactive Tools

myOrangeMoney Tool

Voya's myOrangeMoney tool has been tailored specifically for OPERS members. The tool allows you to get an idea of what your retirement account will look like in the future and compare your estimated monthly income with what you think you may need in retirement.

Certain factors such as annuity factors and contribution rates have been customized for your plan.

You can access the tool through your online account.

Screenshot of what the myOrangeMoney tool looks like

Financial Wellness Experience Tool

Voya's Financial Wellness Experience tool is an online program which incorporates the myOrangeMoney tool and covers five financial areas:

The Financial Wellness Experience tool includes an interactive assessment that offers you a comprehensive understanding of where you are financially and what they can do about it. After taking a quick assessment, you'll get a personalized dashboard with guidance and educational content to help you focus on the areas where you could use improvement to move toward a healthier financial future.

You can access the tool through your online account.


Financial Wellness Empowerment Series

Webinar: Personal Budgeting

When it comes to improving your overall finances and economic wellbeing it’s important to know where your money is coming from and where you are spending your income.

The goal of this webinar is to show how personal budgeting can help you meet your short and long-term goals. To learn more and register click, here

Webinar: Bridging the Gap to Retirement Income

The goal of this webinar is to help you assess your financial wellness, review your current spending habits and estimate your retirement income so you can identify the "gap" between what you will have in retirement and what you will need. We'll also show you ways you can begin closing your gap today. To learn more and register click here

Recorded Presentations